... to BaristaCats, Berlin's largest catcafé with an one of a kind 200m² sized green outdoor area.

Four cute cats are waiting for your visit to play and cuddle with while you enjoy some sweet cake, a crunchy pizza, a hot cup of coffee or a homemade lemonade in our cozy little guestroom or the sunny back porch.

We are looking forward to your visit!

A look into the café...

Su,Mo,We,Thu: 13-19h | Fr&Sa: 13-21h | Tue: rest day

Mokka  the "Little One"

The little black tomcat is a British shorthair from Ukraine and was born April 2016. Mokka was found abandoned on the streets following every human in sight and desperate for someone to take him home.
In our cat café he finally found a forever-home. Mokka loves to sit on every lap available getting his tummy pet. He plays a lot with his big 'brother' Marzipan and every toy he can spot.
His eyes may look a little grumpy but he is genuinely kind and playful.

Mateo  the "Escapee"

The red tomcat lived on the streets in Spain until he was brought to an animal shelter. He was born in December 2013 and we adopted him from 'Tierhilfe Anubis'. Mateo adapted well to his new life in our cat café and likes to play and cuddle with Marzipan who lived in the same group in the Spanish animal shelter. His eyes do not have tear ducts so sometimes it looks like he is crying, but everything is just fine :) Every now and then he loves to escape from the guest room and explore the 'forbidden land' but we are able to catch him every time.

Muffin  the "Lady"

Our only girl is from a mass-breed and was in a really bad condition but we nursed her to the beautiful long-haired lady she is today. She was born 2010.
Muffin is more of the observing type, but with a gentle approach you can pet and ruffle her wonderful fur. She can be a bit jumpy so please do not touch her if she has not noticed you yet.
Sometimes she picks a 'chosen one' and takes her nap on his/her lap. She is also really nice to Marzipan and licks his ears and head from time to time (which he enjoys it a lot!)

Marzipan  the "Cuddlebear"

Our siam-crossbreed was born in May 2014 and adopted together with Mateo from an animal shelter in Spain.
The cute clumsy Marzipan with his squinting blue eyes and short tail (he was born with both) was adopted by the shelter when he was only 8 weeks old. He is such a sweetie, loves to cuddle, getting his belly rubbed, sleeping on laps and is very gentle and nice to all the other cats. Sometimes he is already lying on his back purring before you even entered the room. But like every siamese cat he likes to be silly and steals our window decorations from time to time.


If you have any questions or want to place a reservation you can contact us via Email, Facebook, Yelp or call us during our opening hours.

Reservations are recommended on weekends or for larger groups in general. You can place reservations for up to 12 people in our cat-room or the cat-free wintergarden.

Please understand that it is not possible to reserve the entire cat-room.

Our outdoor areas/porches are big enough for larger groups - with or without cats.


650m to the North:
Tram M4, station Hansastraße / Malchower Weg

800m to the South:
Tram M5 and M17, station Gehrenseestraße


Numerous parking spaces are located at Privatstrasse 9
or across the street in Tamseler Straße


The bus station for number 256 and N56 is very close by, named Gembitzer Straße